Foot Pic and Progress

I went to the Dr this last week and they took a look at my foot.  They said it looked great, told me it was one of the best jobs they had ever seen and that the surgery had gone extremely well.  I took one look at my foot, and said... it looks disgusting!
They took the stitches out and gave me a boot.  They told me I will be on crutches for the next 10.5 weeks and then still in the boot for another 3 mos after that.  ICK!  I just wanna walk again.  I'm happy to have the boot now because I can at least take it off and shower a lot easier!


Nicole said...

Ugh you poor thing! poor thing! My lil brother has been non weight bearing and in a boot since June! Hang in there lady! Text,Call,Skype,Email for ANYTHING (:

Erin said...

Jenna...omg. This picture speaks volumes. I am so sorry! It looks so painful.

p.s. just gave your name to Tamara @ Cheapskate Mom. She is starting a new blog & looking for some help. I think she is doing a blogger blog? Anyway, I gave her your twitter name and told her your button's at my place, etc. etc....so she may contact you.

i am so sorry about your foot. omg. the picture makes me feel horrible for you....