Flowers- update!

Please help me understand why when my day off rolls around I can't just relax? This was totally fun, but we were beat when we were done! So remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the new flowers we had planted?  Well we checked with our landlord before to make sure it was okay, and he said it was fine, and even told us where to plant them.  Well the frickin lanscaper retards mowed AND weed whacked over them, so we called and let the land lord know.  He came over and told us that we needed to MOVE all the flowers that he told us where to plant.  WHATEV!  So we got everything we needed, and moved the puppies over into two beds.   Here is all our hard work.  We still have yet to do the back yard!
This one is just in front of our door

And this one is just to the side of the front door.

I know this one is blurry.  Sorry!

 Love it!

I can't wait til they are all in full bloom!


Jarrie said...

well insant that special:)

Nicole said...

Yaya! I am so jealous! I cant keep a plant alive to save my life! Kudos =D

Daisygirl said...

sucks you had to move them....but they are gonna be beautiful!!!

Melissa said...

It will be great when they are in bloom and you can step outside and see all your hardwork produce something beautiful.