Foot injury follow up

So I went to the Dr. yesterday for a follow up on my foot.  I waited there forever.  Seriously an hour and a half.  Basically the Dr. said that my X-rays looked great.  That my bones breaks in my bones were healed. He said the marilyn line in my foot looked perfect.  Don't ask me what that is because I don't know.  Something about an imaginary line connecting the ankle to your toes or something.  So I asked him, "why am I still limping?  Why do I feel pain with every step?  Why can't I stand for too long?"  He looked at me and said that trauma injuries such as this take time to heal.  Being that this is a foot injury, it won't be healed for 2 to 2 1/2 years.  I was like, "seriously?"  He told me that since we are on our feet all day everyday (walking, standing whatever,) it takes much more time for it to heal.  The ligaments are still healing and I will have some pain and discomfort for some time.  

He said that to lessen that I could have a special orthotic made for my foot.  It's a shoe slip in for some arch support.  He told me not to wear flip flops :(  which I happened to wear for the first time in a year just yesterday.  I asked him how much the orthotic was and he said around $300.00.  Grrrr, not being able to work and being expected to pay out of pocket for something like that is just not possible.  He told me that I could get something from walgreens, but that it wouldn't work as well.  If I am still having pain in 3 months then I am going to have to get an special orthotic he says.  So last night I went into walmart and got these insoles that are supposed to be the best you can get over the counter.  They even had a machine that scans to measure your foot, how you stand on your feet, and your arch.  Based on the scan you are given a different prescription.  I used them today around the house and they are amazing.  I still am having pain, but I imagine it will get a lot better. 

On a brighter note, grandpa called and asked if I wanna go out to eat for our Birthday tomorrow.  I am excited.  We didn't go last year.  Not sure why.  But since we share the same birthday since I was 14 we have always gone out to eat to celebrate.  I am glad we are going this year.  It should be fun!


Jewelyn said...

hope your foot gets feeling better! your grandpa is great. happy birthday to him too!

Neuffj said...

I will tell him you said so. Thanks for the well wishes on the foot!

Stephanie Faris said...

There have been so many things written about how bad flip flops are. Not only are they lacking arch support, but they don't protect the foot from outside elements (such as something falling on it or stubbing your toe) nearly as much as a real shoe. Yet everyone still wears them because they're cute and comfy. Could you wear crocs instead?

Betty Manousos@ CUT AND DRY said...

Aww, hope your foot gets feeling better really soon.

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I'd love for you to follow me back if you haven't already.

All the best,


Adrienne said...

Sorry about the foot that is lame...So cool I share a bday with my grandma and it rocks.. =) I would die without flip flops

rebecca said...

No flip flops? Ugh... girl, tell that foot of yours to stop being poopy and get better already :)
Hugs sweetie. Luv you