So I'm 29 now.  I had a great Birthday!  Whit and I went out to eat with grandpa and rosemary.  We went to red lobster, which I love.  Funny that I only ever eat there with grandpa.  Mom sent me a little birthday money to get myself a little something, so I went shopping and got a shirt and some jeans.  My cousin Holly came over and we made crab rangoons

And Char Siu Bao which are these super delicious barbequed chinese pork buns

Whit has been spoiling me all this week too, which has been fun!  We have been celebrating my birthday the whole week so it's been awesome!  I can't complain, not that I would either.  LOL!  On top of everything else the weather right now is gorgeous!  I know I have said this a lot lately, but I hope it stays until spring.  It's currently 55 degrees, which is a little chilly, but when you compare that to snow, it's gorgeous! 
On a side note: The orthotics I bought are helping some.  I am praying I am not going to have to spring for the expensive ones.  And... the job interview went great!  He said he hasn't made up his mind, but he will call soon.  How soon is soon?


Jewelyn said...

oh my goodness! I was thinking of crab rangoons the other day... seriously. they look sooooo good. so jealous! i am salivating. better get off my comp before i soak it with saliva. glad you've had a wonderful birthday week!

rebecca said...

Happy Birthday beautiful.... 29 years old.... I'm almost there :)
I'm glad you had a great birthday. Sounds like everything turned out great for you. And fingers crossed on the job. I hope he calls you back for it