Job Decision

So I called the Dental Lab back and asked if he had made up his mind yet.  He said he had and that he was going to wait.  Which again, is a little vague.  Does that mean he would like to hire me at a different time?  Or does it mean that he just isn't going to hire me now or ever?  He also said that everything on my application looked good, and reiterated that he was going to wait.

The weather here has been gorgeous, but then it snowed last night.  Not enough to amount to anything, just enough to dust the roof tops.  Nothing even stuck to the ground.  I hoping it will warm back up today.  Do I sound like a broken record when I keep saying that I am hoping for nicer weather?  Because I am hoping for nicer weather, lol!

My sister and her family are in sunny Florida for Spring Break.  So jealous.  I don't know exactly what their plans are, but I imagine they will hit up Disney World.  If I were going, I would want to go to discovery cove and swim with the dolphins.  Dolphins are my favorite animal. 

I know that I haven't blogged in a little while.  Things get crazy from time to time, and there isn't anything worth writing about.  Day in and day out, the same ole thing.  I'm happy, just uneventful.  We found out that Whitney is allergic to cats, so we rented a rug doctor and cleaned the carpet.


Jewelyn said...

hmm i don't know what the job thing is all about. good luck with that. i'm ready for nice weather too! so keep hoping!

Nicole said...

Noooo I love cats!! Poor Whit! Good luck with the job thingy! & I am so happy you're happy!! =D