Funny words

I was thinking the other day about weird words.  How we don't pronounce things like they are spelled.
February... we say FebUary
Syrup... we say sUrup (well I don't but everyone else does)
Milk... some people say mElk
Groceries... we say GroSHUries

The other day I had so many more words, but of course now that I am writing this blog post I can't think of any.  So help me out. What other words have you noticed that we pronounce differently than they are spelled?


Redeemed1 said...

Iron - not "eye-urn"

Jewelyn said...

that's so funny! cody and i were talking about pronouncing February as feb-BREW-ary just to be silly. words are weird.

Brittney said...

I dont know if its a southern thing but we always say Aunt as Aint hahah like my aint debbie is at home... I always think it sounds horrible!!