Forever Snow and some Answers.

So it snowed a crap ton.  All day yesterday!  It was blizzardy and windy and snowy and crazy!  Almost everything around here was closed, including I-70.  They said on the news that I-70 was closed between Kansas City and saint Louis.  I don't know if it actually was, but it's still crazy.  Someone was out shoveling snow, another guy was stuck in the road and his car was just spinning out.  Whitney went to help him, but the guy finally got a system going where he backed up and then sped forward over the part he had already drove through.  I've been tinkering around with Wordpress hoping to soon offer Blog Designz for Wordpress blogs.  It's been challenging, but it looks like there are alot more options for customizing without having to know HTML.  Since I already know some HTML this makes my life very easy!  I promised that in my next post I would answer your questions.  So here they are.

Brittney @ Mommywood asked:
"If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?"
Answer:  Probably next to the beach.  I have never been out of the Country so I am not sure how much I would like it.  I like living in the US.  I think I would like being next to the beach in CA, but would hate how crowded it is.  I love Denver too with all the mountains being jsut out your window.  It's so nice there.  I know that didn't answer your question, but I guess either CA or CO.

Kristy asked:
What was your mommypants moment.  Which means when you knew what it was to be a mother.

Answer:  Seeing as how I am not a mother yet, but watching my sister with her kids lets me know I want to be one someday!

Aphrodites Mortal Friend asked:
What is your greatest talent.

Answer:  By far my greatest talent is singing.  I love it and it thankful comses naturally.  I was blessed to have a mother and father who had amazing voices and I guess it just carried on to me, and my sister.  I have other talents as well, but this is the one I am best known for and enjoy the most.  

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me.  I would love to answer more of your questions, so please ask if you have any. 


Jewelyn said...

dude. all the snow out there sounds insane. hope you're staying warm and safe! and i still think you are the best singer in the world. the end.

Amy said...

I wish we had gotten snow. I live in North MS and work in memphis and I'm sad to say it missed us this time :(

Anonymous said...

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Adrienne said...

I have friends in Oklahoma and Arkansas... The snow is insane... I will stop complaining about the cold...maybe