Ding Dong?

Who rings the doorbell at firckin 12:30 in the morning/ night?  I just want to know?  Yeah, so here we are, sleeping so sound.  I could have swore I heard the doorbell.  No way, it couldn't have been.  Then ding dong.  Are you frickin kidding me?  "baby, I think someone's at the door," I mumble to Whit.  He replies, "yeah, I know.  I don't think we should get it."  I'm thinking... uh ok well hardly anyone  I know would DARE to wake me at midnight unless it was an emergency.  (That's right folks, I'm an early bird.  I go to bed early, I wake up early.  I get very irritable if you mess with my sleep.)  So I get up, and go to answer the door, but Whitney stops me (the protector he is) and says, "No wait, let me go."  =D

So I am trying to listen and see what the heck it was, but I still have my blasted earplugs in, so all I hear is grumbles and voices.  So I decided to wait for news from Whit.  Sure enough, some stupid idiots had the wrong house.  Grrrr.... okay I get it if you are lost.  I understand.  Ring the doorbell once, maybe twice... maybe even three times, but the never ending dingdingdongdingdiongindogodiongdongdononog of consistant pushing.... please grow up.  You aren't clever.  Carry a cell phone, and don't ever wake me again.  Please =)  This is my Manic Monday post, for more please stop by Whitney's Random Ideas


Melissa said...

Oh man! I would be so bugged. I have the same feeling-- dont mess with my sleep!

Hey-- how do I add the little personal line you have under where it says "Leave your Comment."? And thanks for knowing all this bloggy stuff!

ShellSpann said...

OMG that was make me so mad!!!