Refinishing Furniture

Whit and I are going to do a lil project today. Someone tossed this super sweet coffee table right in front of our townhouse by the dumpster, not sure why! It looks to be in great condition. The drawers are all in working order. I mean there are a few dings and scratches, but Whit and I like to think that brings a little character to the piece! It doesn't match our decor at all, so we are gonna fix it up and make it work! It's always fun to do a lil project! Well this one may be a bit more than a lil one, but thats ok. We got some indoor/outdoor gloss finish spray paint, a tarp... and we are good to go! I think it's gonna rock! It's been sitting on our back porch for like almost a week now, so I think it's ready for us... the awful colors are beckoning for a refinish!!!!! Wish us luck! I know this pic is totally random, but it's gorgeous and I've been wanting to share it for a while now! So enjoy!

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