Almost Vegetarian

I know I recently made a post about plus-size models in magazines and put up a photo of a half naked lady! If I offended any one I am ever so sorry! I realize it could have been quite jarring! I was just so excited about it, that I did it quite without thinking. In that post I talked about my personal life struggle with being overweight and my overall health. If you would like to read this post, please click here I recently have lost right around 60 pounds. I attribute this to my new way of life... a healthier diet that can be long lasting! Which is what I want to focus my post on today. Whit and I have practically become vegetarians. When I came to this conclusion I updated my status on facebook and one of my best friends replied "Hhhmmm as the butcher's daughter I would like to discourage this idea. You must be very careful to make sure you consume enough protein from other sources then. LOVE you!"
This is why the title of this post is ALMOST vegetarian! I love love love love love chicken, I fear I could never give it up... it's my favorite food! Also, I love fish... it's so tasty, and healthy to boot! But as far as red meat goes, I've kind of given it up! Whit and I eat lots of boca burgers and MorningStar Farms. I love these meal starters made by MorningStar because they replace ground meat, and I can hardly tell a difference. The only difference I can tell is the thing that makes me like them the best! There is no chewy, fatty, gristle... ick! These "crumbles" are loaded with protein and low in calories. (Just click the image to enlarge) Plus, did I mention they are delicious! Whit and I made a 'vegetarian' lasagna with whole wheat noodles and these crumbles, the best lasagna I've had! If you would like to check out some other recipes, just click here There is a wide variety of products in the vegetarian hemisphere. Whit and I have tried the Chik'n Strips, the Hickory BBQ Riblets, the chik'n nuggets and the pretty well all breakfast products We love it all! It's delicious, and best of all, when we eat it, we don't feel weighed down or like we have filled our body with a bunch of junk! I hope you'll check it out... I never thought I would, and I am so happy I did. YUMMY!!!


JennVan said...

Way to go girlfriend! How exciting to lose that much weight with making healthy food choices.

Mama Kat said...

Wow! 60 pounds is AWESOME!! You're doing SOMETHING right!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Congratulations on your 60 lb weight loss. That is something to toot your horn about! Keep up the healthy lifestyle, I'll be here to back you up :)

Sara E said...

congrats on your weight loss! very cool!
and...... I just have to add gooooooo Tigers!!!!! (You better be a Mizzou Tigers fan since you are in Columbia) I'm a Tiger, originally from KC :)