Plus Size Models in Magazines???

I hear lots of women talking about models in magazines and how their bodies are always airbrushed and not really how the model looks in her day to day life. I also have heard that the average body size is closer to a 14 now-a-days.
Glamour has apparently been inundated with emails and letters from readers who say they love the "woman on p. 194" of the magazine's September issue, who is pictured in her underwear, proudly showing off her pooch.
This is a fabulous article I recommend reading it, if you would like to just click here Truly inspiring stuff! I really hope you take the time to read this article. I am sure you will find it interesting.

I think that we should all strive for the best forms of ourselves. I have always been overweight, never really been happy about it. I've learned to just kind of deal with it and accept it. I've recently taken to a new way of life. You could call it a diet if you wanted to. Truthfully, we eat a diet every day, whether it's healthy or not remains the question. Knowing that I am and always will have to fight against my genes to not be obese, I have decided not to "accept" my body the way it is. So I guess now I deal with it, but I don't accept it. I strive to change... for the best!

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