My New Blog Design!

Okay, so I have been out on a secret prowl for a while now to swoop up a new blog design. I've checked a few out here and there, but none really tickled my fancy! I mean I liked several, but I wasn't over the moon about any of them. When I was over at Mama Kats today to find out that I had lost the Bloggy makeover giveaway, (SAD DAY) I noticed that she had posted a link that I just had to check out. I rushed over and picked out this fab new free layout! Thanks Mama Kat, and thanks to the girls at the The Cutest Blog on the Block!
They've got all sorts of fun stuff and designs and matching banners, and the best part is... it's all free! They've got all kinds of jive, so if your blog needs primping, check them out. The "blinkies" section is fab! I would love to know what you think of the new layout! Your comments, thoughts... do you like it? Did you like the old one better? Do you have any suggestions?


Kris said...

I'm new here so I'm not sure what your old one looked like, but this is a very beautiful look to your blog and seems to fit the title of your header very well!

Design it Chic said...

it's cute! the cutest blog on the block rules! I'm happily "hooked up" with them for a while and i love their thing! Thanks for stopping by the other day!

Happy Random Tuesday Thoughts! come check our randomness! You gotta do it.. you want to do it.. i know .. come on.. come just take a peek..it's gonna be fun..mwahahaha :)))