Healthy Frozen Treats

Today has been a fun day already. We took Missy on a walk and headed down to the lake which is by our townhouse. We had planned on doing that yesterday, but I guess time just slipped away from us. There are two lakes, side by side, and plenty of open field space for Missy to run free. It looks like we won't have to travel far to take her to the park. I didn't realize that there was a "park" within walking distance of the house. We took her down by the lake and she dipped her lil paws in the icky swampy water, yuck! There were minnows to keep her attention and she had a blast.
After we got home, we tidied up a bit, had some lunch and I had a delish, summer time fave treat: a fudgesicle. I must admit, I love all things "frozen treat." My father used to eat a bowl of ice cream every night before he went to bed. I just was raised on frozen goodness, lol! I try not to eat it too often anymore cause it's horrible for you, and I've changed my life pattern. In any case, I do still treat myself and I was shocked when I went to the grocery store the other day and saw all the stuff in the frozen treat section! (be sure to actually scroll through the slides in the orange "slideshow" bar.) I would love to know what kind of goodies you are addicted to, or what kind of healthy treats you eat?


Nicole said...

I LOVE skinny cows! =D oh and sugar fee popsicles thay are cheap and only 15 calories =D

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Hello, sorry to leave this here in your comments section, but I don't have your email. You won our giveaway. Please contact us soon so we can get your prize to you.

Linda Benson said...

I love fudgsicles! So glad I stopped by your blog tonight -- going grocery shopping tomorrow. Must remember fudgsicles! Stopping by from SITS -- love your pretty blog!

Dana said...

I love frozen treats too! It's been hard because I gave up dairy many years ago for health reasons! BUT, I love, love love tofuttie cuties and just saw that they have come out with a dairy free fudgsicle! Can't wait to try them.

Enjoy your day!