TV Obsessions

I wanna write a post, but nothing much is going on.  I leave in one week for Denver.  I am really excited.  From Denver, mom, the sis and kids, and I are all heading up to a family reunion in UT.  It's going to be at bear lake... which I haven't been to in YEARS.  I mean like since I was a little kid.  In fact I haven't been back to UT since my father passed away in 2004.  I sure miss him.  This reunion is for my fathers side, and he loved these things.  That is one thing that my father and mother have engrained in me... a strong love for family.  I know that this reunion is going to be a blast. I  love my family, on both sides.  

Other than that, nothing much is going on.  I came home from work today and Whitney had straightened up the house!  LOVE THAT!  Whit is at work right now, I miss him.  Oh here we go, my new TV obsession is "The Voice!"  It's so good.  I feel like a lot of the singers are truly amazing!  I can't wait to hear more of the performers next week.  My other TV obsession is "So you think you can Dance!"  I remember when the show first came on.  I was hooked from the beginning.  I haven't seen every season.  Didn't have cable some of the time, working the other.  But it's an amazing show.  What are you watching these days?


Brittney said...

I watch Army Wives, Desperate housewives, and secret life of an american teenager oh and drop dead diva :)

Nicole said...

I frigging love the voice! I am addicted! Xenia is my fav! I wish she would come out of her shell a little more! Her voice is so different its awesome!

Neuffj said...

Brittney - I love desperate housewives. I spent like two weeks watching every episode online. I can't wait for the new season!

Nicole - Xenia is also my favorite, but I fear she might go home because, as you said, she hasn't opened up. Her voice is so awesome. I catch myself trying to sing like her from time to time. LOL