Lisfranc - Foot injury breakdown

The Lis Franc's joint is considered the tarsometatarsal joint.  This is essentially the joint between the
lisfranccomplex.jpgsmall midfoot bones (cuneiforms) and the long forefoot bones (metatarsals) in everyones' feet.  There is a Lis Franc's ligament that connects one of these small bones (the most "inside" of the highlighted portion, also known as the medial or first cuneiform.) with the second metatarsal, and typically this is what is injured in a Lis Franc's dislocation or injury. This ligament runs at an angle, when it is injured, the first metatarsal and some of the small midfoot bones can seperate from those metatarsals and tarsal bones normally next to them....This probably sounds like a bunch of medical jargon, and because of this, it is much easier to explain with x-rays and pictures...the one to the right is a normal foot with labels...It shows the "Lis Franc's joint", and how the alignment should normally be...

mech of injury.jpg

A common mechanism of injury in order for a Lis Franc's dislocation to occur is one in which the person is planted on the ball of their foot and a force is directed straight down the leg.  An easy way to visualize this is when someone presses on the break pedal in a car, the pedal is only on the ball of the foot and if there is a further force straight down the leg centered towards the heel, then a Lis Franc's injury or dislocation can result. 

Post-operatively, it really depends on the severity of the orginal inury, but I would say typically it involves a hard leg and foot cast with no weight bearing for at least 8 weeks...On top of this there is extensive rehab which would take several months


JennVan said...

Thanks for the info. Its always interesting to know what happened. So that happened when you missed the last step huh? Came down on the ball of your foot and it tore all to pieces. I'm glad you got it fixed though.

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