We went and saw eclipse yesterday!   I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.  It was good, but why do I always think it' going to be slightly different?  I'm not sure what I am expecting when I go in to see a Twilight movie, but I always leave wanting just a little more.  I think more than anything I miss the connection I had while reading the book. 

I imagine it's that world that I'm transported to every time I read a book, and I doubt it could ever match up.  The characters are not at all what I would expect based on the book, and I think that has a big part in it.  I am thinking I will re-read Breaking Dawn before the new film is released.  Whitney hasn't read any of them and he LOVES the movies. 

Don't get me wrong, I like them too... I just want that feeling.  Does anyone else feel this way when they go see a Twilight film after having read the books?


WhitneyB99 said...

I know what you mean Babe, I really do want to read the books because I'm sure they are more in depth and all that. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!! We will see how the Deathly Hallows stacks up too lol.

Daisygirl said...

I agree I do love the movies but the books oh my I was lost for nights in the words. I think the Bella character in the books was much better.
I can't wait to see the movie...I'm waiting until the week of the 13th to see with a friend!
The books though are way better!