The Mystery of the missing flowers

Remember when we planted these beauties a couple of weeks ago????
Remember when I was so excited because they were soooo pretty???

Remember when we worked so hard planting them?!?!?!?

 Well, something ate our pretty little flowers!  And I'm sad, very sad!


♥ Jessie ♥ said...

awww that's so sad. I'd be pissed if something ate all my flowers. I have a lot.

Nicole said...

What the heck?! How sad! I would be crying for days after how hard you worked! Boooo. Sorry lady.

More tutorials please! How do you have thos linkies to twitter and such AND how do I put multiple posts on those pages

Jarrie said...

deer or bunnies-sorry sis:(

Dani said...

Sad! Flowers aren't cheap!!