More Hairstyles

Okay, an update on haircuts.  I am thinking about getting it cut today.  Here are the photos I am going to take with me.  Based on length and texture of my hair, I want them to have a few to chose from.  The last thing I want is a cut that doesn't work for my hair!   I am going to post these in order of my like-ness to them (least to most!)
Okay so we already know this one, I love it... but I think I reallllly want the side swept bangs!

Kinda fun right?

That looks a little better

I love this one, but my hair isn't quite this long

This one is the winner!  I love  love LOVE it!


mom2three said...

The long jagged bang is totally in. And if for some reason you don't love it you can just pin it back for a month while they grow back out into your hair.

Melissa said...

Where is mr. linky?

LMJ said...

I love the Olson twin's hair the most. But the one you chose is also really nice.

Christine:) said...

Oooh, I just found your blog, and you are totally convincing me to do something new with my hair! LOL.