Manic Monday... not so manic!

It's hard to think of a Manic Monday post cause I am so excited!  More on that in a minute.  Okay I'm digging deep here.  I mean I already blogged about my Friznied Laptop! All I can think about are cheery happy things.  Okay I got one, so my car has had a check engine light on for like ever.  I wasn't too concerned but Whit was, so we had it looked at.  Turns out something really was wrong!  So we have been waiting and waiting and waiting to get in at this shop but this guy keeps blowing us off.  I mean he actually had the nerve to tell Whit to be patient.  It's like, "Really? Cause do you want our business, or did you wanna be rude and piss me off?"  In any case his prices are like way cheaper and up until this point he had been nicer than anyone else we had talked to!  Really truly hard to believe, but yeah so we are STILL waiting!
On a super happy note... our Super Holiday Giveaway winners are posted.  If you entered be sure to check it out, EVERYONE won something! 
For more Manic Monday posts, head on over to Whitney's Random Ideas.  It feels good to get that dirt of ya chest!


ShellSpann said...

I hope you get the car thing straightened out soon. I had some issues with my car recently and it totally stressed me out so I understand!!

LMJ said...

Once, I got a flat tire on my truck, and I walked over to the Kmart very near my house and bought a can of "fix-a-flat." You put it in your tire through the air thingie, and you should be able to drive your vehicle to the nearest tire shop--no problem. I couldn't afford a new tire right away, so I drove my truck around with just the fix-a-flat for a whole month! Nothing happened. hehehe...