Holiday Traditions!

Christmas Christmas time is here, Time for love... time for cheer!  I am totally stoked about Christmas!  I can hardly wait.  Christmas is by FAAAAR my fave holiday.  I love it because of all the music and the cheer and the good deeds and the over all sentiment.  Traditions for me include decorating a tree, Christmas carols/ music non stop.  As a kid we used to go caroling.  Now we make candy... pecan logs, turtles, chocolate covered cherries, and personal fave- Divinity!  Tastes like heaven!  Whit and I started a new tradition, making a gingerbread house.  So excited for that.  We are running behind schedule this year.  I am embarrassed to even admit it actually, usually the tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving if not the day of!  It's time to whip into shape, I and I declare today the day. 
Since my father passed away, I have made it a point to spend Christmas with my mother and sister in Denver.  My sis has 4 gorgeous children, two of which have birthdays surrounding Christmas.  So it's nice to make the trip.  We usually make tamales, and watch a new Christmas movie that comes out in theaters.  We get together with family in Denver,and  have a party.  For Dinner we fry a turkey, sooooooooooooo yum!  I leave in less than two weeks, and I can't wait.  What are your holiday traditions?
I nabbed this idea from In Joy and Sorrow  Don't forget to enter her yummy giveaway!


Jessica said...

What fun traditions! I really need to start some for our little family! Thanks for the ideas!

angel6033 said...

Hey thank you so much for joining my giveaway!! My family also makes tamales for christmas :) I enjoyed learning about your traditions...again thank you :)

JoeyRes said...

My husband is practically begging to fry a turkey. "Can we? Can we?" I guess I'll have to let him have it one of these days!

jenjen said...

What great traditions. My dad also passed away, it so hard -- especially for my mom.

Thanks for coming over and saying hi!


mom2three said...

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I love that everyone decorated their homes...Christmas lights is one of our traditions.
We also do tamales and enchiladas on xmas eve.