Did someone say fried???

So yesterday I am working away, diligently I might add!  On four blog Designz.  Kind of going back and forth, it helps my creative juices flow.  If I come back and look at it later, I see something I didn't before, or usually have some Majic idea!  In any case.  I am working on all this fun goodness, when my lappy just powers off.  This is actually pretty normal for me.  I just have to hurry and hit the power button again and it instantly reboots, without REALLY powering off.  Not sure what that is all about.  But in any case, the sad news is, it didn't reboot.  The horrible news is... I had not saved for a good hour!  GRRRRRRRRRRRR... so I was a little upset.  I waited for it to fully power of and tried hitting the power button again, here comes the devastating news... smoke starts coming from my lappy!  No joke!  SMOKE, and some icky smell.  Are you frickin kidding me?  So I start freaking out, Whit is trying to calm me down.  I am wondering how I am going to explain this to people who are so patiently waiting on their blog designs, that I NOW will have to completely restart. 
Whit calls his grams- lovely lady P.S.  She offers to give us our christmas early, and replaces my lappy!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Everyone needs a lil angel like this hanging around!  And the fab news, the files were retrievable, so no designz were lost.  phew!  LUCKY!  I'm so glad to have family and friends who love and take care of us.   Do you have great news to share? 


ShellSpann said...

That was so sweet of her!

Working Mommy said...

That was sweet of her!! YAY for new blog dezignz!!


Nicole said...

OMG! What a lil life saver!! That is SO awesome =D