Blogger the Frog

Guess who showed up at my house?  Blogger the Frog.  He is so cute!  Sadly my camera was broken so we missed Blogger doing some fun stuff.  I didn't think of using my camera phone to take pics of Blogger until he was about to take off to his next place.  He was real secretive about where he was headed next, but I am excited to see where he is headed!  To see where Blogger has been, check out Mommy's Camera.

Here is Blogger at my work.  He decided to stop in and help me organize some of my porcelain.

Then he examined a few models up close.

Then he thought he would try his hand a making a few crowns himself.

After a hard days work I took him to our state capital in Jefferson City, MO


Holly K said...

Hi Neuffy - these are awesome pics of Blogger!!! So fun to see him traveling the country and glad he got to visit you. Looks like he had a lot of fun there!

Holly (BlogFrog)

Rustin - TheBlogFrog said...

I love it! Thanks for being such a great hostess. My sister in law does porcelain crowns as well - keeps her extremely busy.

Love your blog!

Connie said...

ohhh my heck this is my fav post ever! you crack me up i adore you. xoxo con