Manic Monday - Sleepless in MO

Okie Dokie, it's time for more ramblings from MOI!  Manic Monday = sad day for me, or at least the expression of sad day.  I seriously haven't slept past 5 am in over a month now.  I am about to go crazy.  I am waking up at 4am or earlier on a regular basis! Can I just say that this can cause a person to say silly things?  Do silly things?  Think silly things?  Just be silly? Not to mention, I am tired... and a lil cranky!  Also my sister is in frickin Hawaii.  I am super jealous of that.  Happy she is glazing a toasty tan under the sun, but really wish I was there with the Whit!  Hee hee.  Love you sis!  So do you have a Manic Monday post to share?  If so, head over to Whitney's Random Ideas and sign Mr. Linky!


ShellSpann said...

I want to be in Hawaii!

Nicole said...

Awwwww you poor thing!! The BF is the same way! I just ignore him & hide the remotes and he goes back to sleep! haha. =D