OKay, so .........

...don't be disappointed in me, but I still am not quite ready.  I had a few hiccups and am a lil upset that I am not further along in my process.  But good things come to those who wait =) So chins up my lil ones... bling : D  This brings about my Manic Monday post.  I know, I'm being ever so vague... yet I kinda like the comments that this has brought on.  Don't worry I won't prey upon my most loved followers with this new technique of secrecy as a way to get more out of you.  (hint, I really love your comments)  I took a lil time to catch up on some bloggy friends yesterday, but I am missing you all and will return shortly with hopefully a surprise that at least one of you will love!  Til next time... I guess it's just another Manic Monday... head over to Whitney's Random Ideas and vent off your monday frustrations. (Nicole, this one is especially for you, since you have the hardest time making it through a Monday!)

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