< They love me... <

They Really love me

Nicole at Chatty Nicoley gave me this ab Fab award ! If you havent checked her out  by now, then you best!!! She just put up a new background. =D To accept I must answer these here questions and then spread the love to 6 others!! Well, here you have it!

1. Where is your cell phone... On the Kitchen Counter

2. Your hair... In a pony tail

3. Your mother...Is the best, I love her... and I think she is coming to visit for Turkey day =D

4. Your father... Passed away in 2004

5. Your favorite food... Chicken, but Prolly Chinese food (chicken and broccoli)

6. Your dream from last night... I cant remember

7. Your favorite drink...Blue Raspberry Gatorade

8. Your dream/goal... To someday be a great wife and mom <----- Ditto =D

9. What room are you in... The living room

10. What is your hobby... Singing, cooking, arts... I dunno thats a good list

11. What is your fear... imperfection, insuccess

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years... Married with children

13. Where were you last night... In my apt watching some silly movie

14. Something you are not... perfect

15. Muffins?... are delish, I love pretty well every flavor

16. Wish List items... another job

17. Where did you grow up... Missouri

18. Last thing you did... woke up

19. What are you wearing... My jammies

20. Your TV.... old, but oh so meeeee

21. Your pets... our lil Miss... she is a Maltese-Shi-tzu mix

22. Your friends... Are the best ever, the ones who are ALWAYS there when you need them

23. Your life... dreamy

24. Your mood... delighted

25. Missing someone... My Mom and my sister and her fam

26. Vehicle... Toyota Camry

27. Something your not wearing... Shoes

28. Your favorite store...The Dollar Store, you seriously can find almost everything for only a buck

29. Your favorite color... Aqua of turquoise... it's a toss up

30. When's the last time you laughed... last night, watching that sill Jack Black movie

31. When's the last time you cried... Yesterday when Whit did something soooo sweet for me, it made me remember how much he loves me... and I got all sentimental and teary... cause I am a goober like that

32. Your best friend... I have too many to choose, but Whit!

33. One place you go over and over...Wal-Mart!

34. One person who emails me regularly... Whit

35. Favorite place to eat?...  This is toooooooo hard... do I have to pick a genre?

Alrighty now I have to pass this puppy on to other fab Bloggy Blogs, but that has to come later... I am late for work.  Don't you dare judge me.  I promise it's coming!

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congrats on the award girl! thanks for coming to visit me at the crib!