Forever in the making

I told you all a while ago that good things come to those who wait, and that I was up to something.  Well it's finally ready and up and running, and some of you have probably noticed it already.  Yep, I started ANOTHER blog. Not a normal blog.  A Blogger backgrounds blog,  I am gonna keep it here on blogger for a while and see how things go with it.  My boyfriend and I have officially launched our business, so head over and check it out.  I realize that there are only a few deisgnz right now, but we are designing all the time so more will be up as time goes on.  If you would like a live view of one of my designz please head over to Honey Bee Buzz and check it out!
As for now, we are only doing Blogger backgrounds but will be looking to branch out to twitter, wordpress, and possibly myspace later on down the road.  As well as offering pre-made templates (backgrounds/ layouts) we also offer a variety of custom made designz.  Including buttons and Blinkies.  Please swing by Bloggy Blog Designz and then leave a comment or something. 


Nicole said...

oooooooooohhhhh I have been wanting a button!!! oh and a new design! I wanted to change my blog name to "Just the Receptionist" and yeah anyway not for EVERYONE to know just yet lol! I am off to check out these backgrounds =)

KIKI said...

Love your new blog and blog designz - I was looking for something new for my Kirsten NOT Kristen blog. I am heading over now.

Melissa said...

Hey! Im so glad you designed my blog! Im loving it! :)