Writer's Workshop: Can I get some manners with that?

As part of todays assignment I have chosen topic 5.) Share your friendly advice for someone you think needs it (ie your mother-in-law, other drivers, cell phone users, etc.)
I used to work at Starbucks! P.S. I loved that job, sooooo fun! Ok back to my post, I usually worked in the drive thru. I preferred it! You get to interact with the most people and chat it up for all of two seconds and see the same faces day after day... oh how I miss it! What I don't miss, is the lack of manners and sheer common sense that some people have whilst coming through the drive thru! Please I beg of you all, get off your cell phones. It takes a mere 15 seconds or less to order a drink. Can you not even pretend you are off your phone? Is your phone call really that important? Is it life threatening? So much so, that this silly cup O joe couldn't wait? If you want me to treat you with manners, and smile and be cheery and interact with you at the window, please make it easy for me to do so. It's my job... it's what I LOVE to do! As a barista at Starbucks I probably knew somewhere between 35 to 50 customers either by name or drink. It makes my day to find out where you are going, what you are up to, what the kids are doing, and all that jazz. It's so sad to have such a cold interaction at the window. So my advice is, if you are waiting in line... chat it up on the phone, but end the call before the order. You'll be amazed to see how warm you can be received if you end the call. You can always get back on as soon as you get your drink. Or you can slip the phone into your lap for a moment. I've done this before. Whomever you are talking to will more than likely understand! And don't get me started on bluetooth headsets. This starts a whole new area of confusion! "Oh, I'm sorry are you talking to me? No, you are just talking to the air! Ok thanks, now it just looks like I'm talking to myself cause you aren't even listening to me. Yeah, cause you are on the phone... ok nice talkin to ya!" It's all confusing. Just please... have some manners! What do you think about phones in the drive thru?


R. Wallis @ TrueBeauty said...

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Kim Ward said...

So I'm a friend of Jess S. And found your blog. I totally agree with the blue tooth thing. I am an L&D nurse and can honestly say I have had a physician answer his blue tooth as the baby is crowning? Can we get any tackier than that? Honestly how important can you think you are? So I am with you on the cell phone ettiquitte an think I may wriet my own post on it.