Tips for a Healthy Mouth!!!

Okay, so I was doing my daily routine today and an idea popped into my head for a post! Being that I work in the dental field and give little tips to Whit from time to time, I thought perhaps my readers would care to know some tips about proper dental hygiene! I have one of these beauties and love it! It is made by Oral B, if you are interested I have posted a link here, with a few other reviews. There are some cool features about it, including the fact that it has a 2 minute timer. Every thirty seconds it vibrates and lets you know to move on to another "quadrant"of your mouth. The coolest feature of this toothbrush is the "I won't spin if you push too hard" feature!!! Most people feel that the harder they push the better they are cleaning their teeth... NOOOOOO. This is sooooo damaging to your enamel and your gums. Creating things like unnecessary ware on your gums leaves unsightly gaps and ends up showing your roots over time. As far as technique, slightly tilt the bristles of your toothbrush towards your gums and brush in tiny circles, this will help to brush away anything that is lurking in the deep dark voids we have hiding away in our mouths! Please do not neglect the roof of your mouth and your tongue. This is where bad breath hibernates! It's just hanging out there and having a party. So remember, be gentle while brushing your teeth, love your gums.
Which brings me to my next point, flossing! This really can make all the difference in the life of your gums. Some of us just genetically have bad gums, but honestly we need to do all we can to get the gunk out of there and keep them healthy. This is my favorite invention, as far as dental health is concerned. Flossing will never be the same if you go and pick this up. It's actually fun. They have them nearly everywhere you can get a toothbrush. They are a little pricey for something you are just gonna get icky mouth gunk all over, but it will truly change your you whole outlook on flossing. I have always hated it, until I got one of these. Plus you can reach anywhere in your mouth with one of these! I also favor these, because they are super easy on the go and partially cause my grandma always had them. Now as far as regular old floss, I am a big fan (once again) of Oral B Satin Floss because it does not tear or break easily. I have a few teeth that have been known to break floss, so that makes it easier. Ok, as far as technique... your floss should clean two sides of a tooth, the Mesial and Distal, or rather the ones that are touching each other and getting all the gunk stuck in there! Your floss should create a C shape around either side of the tooth behind and then in front of the tooth. Slide the floss up one side of the tooth, and down, then to the other tooth and do the same. Presto!
To finish your dental daily regimen, you should freshen up with some mouth wash. My fave of course is Listerine. If you are not used to Mouthwash, just a warning... fire will ensue. J/K... but seriously. You will think that your mouth will catch fire, but this is a GOOOOOOOD thing. It's killing the germs. There are less abrasive ones than Listerine, but I consider them less effective. Honestly within a few uses the germs will be less and less and thus the fire less and less :D Success, this also mean, fresh breath! That's right folks, fresh breath! Is this not what we all are on a quest for? The cure for fresh breath? While everyone is popping tic tacs and chewing sugarfree gum, you can walk around confident in your new daily dental fresh breath regimen! Check it out! (if you eat something uber stinky, please pop a breath mint... this doesn't make you invincible) So to wrap this all up, love your teeth, smile often, and to make you smile I found this super fun oldie, which is one of my faves!!!! I hope you enjoy... please leave some feedback, perhaps some Words of Wisdom ;)

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Kirsten said...

Thank for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your post. I am OK when it comes to cleaning my teeth and flossing, but there are a few things I need to "brush" up on. hehehe

Have a great day!