How to create a scrolling display

For this Blogger Tutorial I am going to show you how to create a scrolling display.  Alright this one should be a bit easier than last weeks.  As long as you already have all the HTML codes for all the items you want to display we are in business!  I've seen this used for a number of thing... Awards, Buttons, Featured On, and as seen on my blog... Photos.  It's very simple, just copy and paste... well with a lil tweaking of course :D  Okay so here is the code:
scrollamount: This number may be changed in order to change the speed of the scroll.  The higher the number, the faster it will go!
width: This number may be changed if needed to accommodate sidebar width
height: This number may be changed if you want more items showing during the scroll
direction: This may be changed to suit your needs. Whether you need it for your sidebar, or your footer.

This is where you put your HTML code for whatever is you would like displayed in the scroll!
This is where you add you second HTML code for whatever it is you would like displayed...
then on and on for the third and fourth and fifth if you like until you add this

Adding  The < center > before your HTML codes will align all of your pics or buttons or what have you directly in the center! I love it!  It's amazing!  When closing the HTML codes be sure to do this < / center >  


Sharon said...

excellent tutorial! thanks for the great tips!

Nicole said...

Woo woo! thanks for another great tutorial! I am not using it because moving objects distract me! lol