We went swimming the other day in our complex pool and took lil Missy with us. A couple other people were there and enjoyed her company nearly as much as we did. We let her sniff around the pool and get used to the area before we tied her up, but on her journey around the pool she slipped and went for a dip. Whit and I laughed and laughed as she dog paddled around the pool! Our furry lil Malshi looked like a rat. She was happy to get out, but once we got in, she whined for us to come back to her. We thought she wanted back in, but that was the last thing she wanted! She couldn't make up her mind! It was quite a day! We topped it off with a yummy trip to Andy's Frozen Custard. We took Missy with us, as it's only just a block or two away. It made for a nice walk. She enjoyed the exercise and we enjoyed our treat!

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