Why the frick not, right? I mean everyone else has a frickin blog!!! Even my adorable boyfriend, Whitney has a Blog. I figured I was way behind and needed to catch up. We've been so busy recently and it's been hard to keep in touch with everyone, so I've succomb to the Blogging world in hopes to appease a few of you. Perhaps it will be a fun and easy way to keep several people informed of our plans without having to contact everyone on a daily basis. Plus pictures are always fun!!!! So Whit and I are moving in together on Friday and are really excited about it! We found a really great town house on the south side of town. Its a two bedroom, two story, with a fire place and we fell in love with it as soon as we looked at it. Interestingly enough, my mother and I looked at the very same unit about 5 years ago before she moved to Denver. She really liked it too! We are all packed minus the neccesities and are anxiously awaiting moving into the new place. Each day is a count down to Friday!!!! I think that is enough for today. Pretty brief, but it's my first one!!!! Give me a break :p

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