Whit and I finally got the swamp cleaned up, and this place is coming along rather nicely. Boxes are slowly disappearing and pictures are hanging on the walls. This house is becoming a home. We love it more and more here all the time. It is within minutes of any place we need to be. Whit and I went for our first dip in the pool the other day, it was short... just a mere 45 minutes, but we both managed to catch some sun and have a little fun which we both needed after a super stressful week. We have toned it down a bit on the relentless unpacking and organizing. Enough to enjoy a few movies in the evening or to dance around the apartment to a little Frank Sinatra. But we've gone to clean his apartment and mine, actually we had the inspection at mine today to finalize things and return the key.

I think there are only just about two or three stray boxes floating around this place, which I am just fine with :D We are worn out!!!! The flood about did us in and stressing over it made for horrible sleep! Now that we are about settled in, we figured what better way to really make ourselves really feel at home than to make our favorite dish... Char Siu Bao. Which is exhausting in and of itself... but well worth it.

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