My wonderful boyfriend, Whitney, bought me an Amazon Kindle as a late Birthday present.  They were on sale for Mothers day.  I had bought the second book in the Hunger Games series at Barnes and Noble, but hadn't had a chance to get into the book, so I took it back and bought it on my Kindle.  So much cheaper that way.  Less than half the cost.  I actually got into it today.  Not far at all, but at least I got it started.  I have the third book already from the library, so I have to get done with this one before the other has to go back!  
So back to the Kindle.  It's super cool.  If you are unsure of a word while reading, which happens to me all the time, and I just guess what it means based on the sentence, you can just move the cursor next to the word and the definition pops up.  I think that is so cool!  You can also browse the internet, but it's a little tricky.  I am not sure I would do that much unless it was the only way I could access the internet from where I was.  You can book mark pages, make notes, and highlight passages.  You can read more than one book at a time, and it holds your place in each for you.  I just think the whole idea is super fun.  I was afraid the screen was going to be kind of dull or something, and hard to read.  Totally not the case.  It's a white screen with a textured surface so that there isn't a glare when you are reading.  It's really light and fits well in your hands.  It's a little smaller than I thought it would be, but when I got to thinking about it I realized it's about the size of a book.  It supposed to be able to hold a charge for up to a month!  Amazing!

In any case, I really like it!  I LOVE IT!  Thanks babe!


Nicole said...

How sweet!! I have been really wanting to buy this for my mom! Maybe for Mother's Day seeing how they are on sale and all =D

Stephanie Faris said...

I have the Kindle app for iPhone and love it! If I could get the books for free, I'd use it instead of paper books...but I read too much to pay all that money for books so I end up getting my books from the library. Later this year they're enabling library lending to Kindles, so it looks like the days of me reading books the old-fashioned way are numbered.