American Idol

I frickin love this show!  I watch it all the time, well at least when it's on.  LOL!  This season is totally crazy.  It's really getting down to the wire.  Everyone left is so good.  I think Scotty Mcreary could go, and I feel like Lauren is still a little young.  I LOVE her voice and think she is like the cutest thing with the most humble attitude. But I think any of the others could win.  I am really routing for Casey Abrams.  But the more Haley Reinhart sings, the more I really like her.  I could see myself listening to a Haley Reinhart CD.  Anyway the results show is on right now, and I seriously have no clue who will be going home.  I don't even have a feeling that it might be one or the other.  I feel like the American Idol tour that they do each year would actually be something I would like to do this year.  There has been so much talent this season.  Okay the commercial is over, so I better go watch!


Jewelyn said...

Boooo that Casey got sent home! I was hoping for Casey and Haley in the top 3 at least (probably with James Durbin). I'm soooooo frustrated right now.

Neuffj said...

I know I totally agree