The Weather

It is so gorgeous outside today.  Whitney went out for a walk with Missy (our puppy) and spent some time in the backyard.  I love spring weather.  I can't wait for it to stay spring.  I love all seasons to be honest.  The beginning of each season is my favorite part.  The newness and of it all.  I love planting flowers in the spring and smelling the fresh air.  Before you know it summer will be here and the pool will be calling my name.  I often wonder what it would be like to live in AZ or NM.  I think I would die in the heat to be honest.  I don't do to well here in MO with the humidity at 8000%.  It gets muggy and I get mean, but in spring you don't have to worry about that.  

In other news I am on the job hunt again.  My foot still isn't healed enough to have a "standing" job, but a receptionist job would be nice.  It's pretty hard for everyone to find work right now, let alone someone who can't stand on their feet for longer than 20 minutes without her legs trying to give out on her.  It's amazing how much I took for granted.  Perfectly well working feet that carried me wherever I wanted to go.  Now I lose my balance and can hardly walk around the block.  I guess I have learned to be more careful to avoid another accident.  I just hope my foot gets back to normal soon!  I miss running up the stairs and not having to hold the railing on the way down.  Enough of that crap!  Wish me luck on the job search. 


rebecca said...

Oh man, that sux about your foot still doing that crap to you. I hope you wake up one morning and its all better and no more pain and you can stand on it great with no problems. Good luck with the job hunt hun. Its hard and it sux. My hubby finally got a job after not having one for a longgg time. I hope you can find something that is good and doesn't make you be on your feet

WhitneyB99 said...

Good luck Baby! I'm really sorry about your foot, it will get better with time. Yes, summer is almost here, I'm totally stoked!