New Years 2011

So I am here in Colorado with my mom, my sister, and her family!  It's been really fun.  For New Years eve we played a lot of games which is like my favorite thing to do ever!  It was so fun.  We played rhythm, the animal game, some dice game, pass the ring, and kinnect.  Well I didn't play kinnect cause of my foot, but it was sure fun to watch.   The kids had a lot of fun too.  On a sad note I lost my cell phone on New Years eve.  ICK!  

Mom and I stayed the night to celebrate the new year and I made it 8 minutes til the dropped and I passed out.  Sad day! New years my sister made these danish pancake like things called evil skeevers.  It's probably not the correct spelling, but you get the idea. 

They were delicious pillowy pancakes.  So good that you didn't even need syrup.  Just a little Strawberry freezer jam and some powdered sugar and they're good to go.  Seriously one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten.  Sadly you need a specific pan to cook them in and they are quite costly. 

After breakfast we hung out a bit and then went up to Longmont to get some stuff to highlight Paiges hair.  I also gave Morgan a hair cut.  I am thinking I might highlight Paiges hair today.  The girl is all blonde, but says she doesn't like the brown.  Which there is none of.  Oh to be 14 again!  After we went to Longmont, we went to go see Tangled.  When we got to the theater, it was so busy that Tangled was sold out, so we saw Yogi Bear instead.  It was pretty good, I guess.  Afterwards mom and I went home and just relaxed.  I ended up falling asleep watching "Worst cooks in Amercia."  Pretty good show I might add.

Today mom and I went to church and are now over at my sisters to make lunch.  We are going to make Chicken Enchiladas and spend the day here.  Whitney and I love these enchilads.  It's a recipe I made up, I'll post the recipe later.  It's super easy and really delicious.  I sure miss Whitney.  I'll post more later!