What happened to all my plants???

So in the spring Whitney and I planted all these cute little flowers in a small bed in front of, and behind our apartment.  I've posted a couple of pictures previously, but here is a real quick one.
So yeah, I broke my foot like right after this picture was taken and since the Doc cleared me to start walking, I thought... Oh I will go outside and look at the flowers we planted.  This is what I found...
agggggggggghhh, curse you broken foot.  Why have I missed so much time watching my flowers bloom due to being in a frickin wheel chair most of the time! grrrrr!  And our poor little tomato plant
But at least the trees are pretty!


Anonymous said...

The best flowers to plant I found are Hardy Mums. They come in many colors and bloom through the fall. They really are not supposed to bloom early, but some of mine started in May and are still going and got huge. My roses were amazing this year, and they started as three little ones last year. I didn't do marigolds or petunias this year. I have some other type of perennials that come back every year and they are still blooming...they were slow to move this year, but we had alot of gopher and moles...but they are growing now..in the cold go figure...but mums I found are the best and easiest not to mention beautiful and wonderful smelling..hope your foot is doing ok....kat

~SALLY~ said...

Oh dear...broken foot...I can totally relate! I broke my foot two months before my wedding. That really stunk!

Anyway, I am a new follower! I would love a follow back sometime. Thanks so much!


Stephanie Faris said...

Wow, beautiful! My mom had foot surgery in October...I told her she should have picked a yucky time of year to be holed up inside. Like February. But our insurance is going to crap in January so she had to do it before the end of the year!

Connie said...

Them yellows withstood your neglect. :)