If you a fly gal... get yer hair did!

Thats right, I went and got a hair cut today, and am in the process of dying it right now!  I will be sure to post pics later.  I haven't colored my hair in over a year so this is pretty exciting.  I went through a time in my life where I died my hair all the time.  Heck, the wind blew and it was cause for hair-doo celebration.  I've dyed my hair this color before, but not for like 9 years or so.  It's a fun dark purple.  Love when the light hits it and you see the purple, otherwise it looks more brown than anything else.  So what about you?  Any makeovers recently?  Do you dye your hair?


JJ and Cody said...

awesome! def want pics! i have no style. :)

dj Goddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio said...

never in 63 years have i died my hair, but if i did, reckon it would be deep purple :)

can't wait to see it and happy, happy!

Brittney said...

awesome! Ha i gave my kid a makeover this morning, and by makeover i mean completely screwed up his hair had to take him to the salon only for it to look 1/2 way presentable HAHA