Day 7 - Your dream wedding.

Once again... I will probably bore you all to death!  I want a small wedding.  Just immediate family, and best friends.  But I want a huge reception!   I want an an ocean themed reception.  With tablescapes consisting of hurricanes filled with blue sand, blue sea glass and a candle.
  instead of seashells I want blue sea glass.  

 And I want much larger hurricanes. Like this

 I want my colors to be a rich chocolate brown and aqua.  Much like this

 the shade on the right

I wanna get married in the spring.  I don't have a dream gown, but ivory looks better with my skin than white does.  So I will probably go with that.  I would love a ivory/ champagne combo.  Kinda like this, but not this style... just the coloring

As far as a cake.  I can't quite decide.  I really want a hexagonal, shape cake, and I don't really want fondant cause it's nasty!  But I think this is really cute in aqua of course.  
I think that is all for now.  OR at least all that I can think of.


Nicole said...

You forgot my picture! :) sounds like a perfect day! Hurry!!

Connie said...

Wow simple haha looks like a lot not so simple actually! Love it tho love the colors love the dress love you!