Day 4 - Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

I don't have just one best friend.  Soooo this post is going to be a little longer... well pic wise! 

Gotta love Momma!  Every time she visits, I snap a shot of her doing what she does best!  Sleeping, snoring, and missing all the action!  I love my mom!

Alright, here is Whit.  I know I have posted this pic before... but it's like my fave.  He is so happy in it.  Whit and I have so much in common, he truly is my best friend. 

This is Holly.  She is my cousin and has been there through a lot!  She would do anything for anyone, and pretty much puts everyone elses needs above her own.  Oh P.S.  Holly hates this photo, but I LOVE IT!  She is so goofy in it!

This Connie, and my fave pic of her!  I rightfully should have posted some totally goofy pic of her, cause she is pretty good at makin faces with me and all, but this truly is my fave pic of her!  She is a great friend who tells it like it is and is always there.  Not many in the world like this one!

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Connie said...

oh i lovest thee!!!!!! you're the best little friend everrrr!