Day 23 - 15 facts about you.

1. I love music with passion others could not dream of
2. My mom is my very best friend
3. I HAVE to sleep on the right side of the bed
4. I gag everytime I brush my teeth... thats for you Jars
5. I trust people FAAAAR to easily
6. I've recently come to learn how much I like my independence
7. I much prefer fruity candy over chocolate
8. Laughing is prolly the thing I do best in life
9. I am Brutally honest... to a fault :(
10. I write music
11. My father was the best and greatest father one could ask for!... I miss you daddy
12. I can NOT dance, but I sure like to pretend I can...:D
13. I secretly love sports, but don't know anything about them
14. The easiest way to let me down, or hurt me, is to not keep your word
15. I have been to Hawaii 6 times, and want to go again... SOON!
16. I believe there is good in every person, and that ANYONE can change
17. I apparently have finger toes, I'm okay with this... also for you Jars
18. I love my friends... thump thump <, and can not do without them, and I hate that they live so far away
19. I might just be the sassiest person you have ever met... but it's all in fun... I really just love you
20. I LOVE to swim, this makes me super happy!!!!!
21. I have like the greatest memory in vivid detail, don't doubt it either... it's amazing
22. I could eat chinese food daily :)
23. I didn't read a book from cover to cover until after I graduated from high school
24. I love my sisters children with all the love I can give, as if they were my own!
25. I love to make people laugh... laughter is the BEST EVER!!!!


JJ and Cody said...

that is not true! you can TOTALLY dance! "Soo I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want..."

Brittney said...

bahahaha i totally gag when i brush my teeth too LMAO

Haute Mom said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by Haute Mom! I am returning the follow. Love the facts!

Amy said...

number 3 is totally me too!
I'm so jealous about the Hawaii thing too!