Blog Bash - Rekindle

Alright, as part of the Blog Bash we have been challenged to write a post about our High school years.  I am coming up on my 10 year reunion.  It's in a couple of months... ick!  I can't even decide if I want to go.  High school was kind of a rough time for me.  Not school necessarily, just more or less family struggles.  I didn't love high school, and didn't hate it.  I had a lot of fun, but was a horrible student.  I often ditched class and rarely applied myself. 
When I decided I wanted to do something with my life after HS, things started looking up.  I brought up my grades and could have graduated a semester early.  I don't stay in touch with anyone one from high school as much as I would like to, but perhaps I can rekindle some of those relationships at the reunion!
 This is Jenny, she and I were super close back then!

I like to revisit the year I turned 19.  I was living in UT, going to a Dental Tech school and I hated it at first.  I was being a bit of a brat though!  I just missed home and my family, but I ended up LOVING it out there.  I made some of my best friends that year.
This is Tal, she and I were  inseparable!!!  We goofed off together and loved every minute.  
Yep, thats us with the most hideous wigs and faces known to man.  ANything for a laugh!!!
This is Connie!  We became super close friends after I finished school in UT, and she just got married!  She's the friend who tells is like it really is, and always has your back!  I love her to death!
Then there's Whit, my boyfriend!  I've known him for gosh like 15 or so years now!  We went to junior high and high school together.  We talked a few times while I was away at school in UT, but lost touch after a while.  We finally found each other on facebook, reconnected and the rest is history!


Brittney said...

awww great memories & pics :)

Donda said...

Following you from the blog bash.