4th O July - WW

Our 4th O July was pretty plain and simple... just the way I like things!  We sat outside on our back porch, next to our beautiful flowers that we planted.  We enjoyed the weather, which was pretty nice for a 4th O July in Missouri.
We had some little fireworks... snaps and sparklers, roman candles and what not, that we shot off.  So fun!  But at the firework stand they had these super awesome 3D glasses just for fireworks, which of course was just another attempt to get a lil money.  We had bought them last year for like 50cents or something and forgot to use them, so we used them this year.  They were super cool.  They added extra colors and stuff that you didn't normally see.  Sometimes I would take them off and on really fast to see if there was a difference and which I liked better.  I will me saving my pair, and using them in the future.  They were pretty fun, and super stylish!
We left a lil mess, but didn't shoot off too many fireworks... and early enough in the evening that the neighbors could get some sleep!
Of course we had to get in some puppy time.  It's going to be soooo hard giving them up.  They are so adorable. 
He might kill me for putting this pic up... but I love it.  Mia was taking a nap with him!

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MommyLovesStilettos said...

Awwwww! What a cute little puppy! :)