Surprise, Surprise!

So Whit and I were watching the Hills online today, and Missy... our pup was laying on my legs. I could hear her lapping, and was sure she was giving herself a bath. She seemed to be taking the longest bath ever, so I asked Whit what she was doing. He reassured me and we went back to the Hills. (so addicted) Well then we hear this yip yip... that's right, she had already had two puppies. She is like a pro. I mean she was all happy and comfy. She didn't even seem at all in pain.
Look at the happy face.  So we got her some water, to make sure she was plenty hydrated.  Offered her some food.  Wet food, her favorite, but she wouldn't eat. Next thing you know, she is poppin out another puppy. So I felt her belly and was sure there was another one left in there.

About an hour later she popped out another puppy, but I don't have a pic for you of that one yet.  They are adorable, and it was kinda neat but totally gross to watch the whole thing.  It is an amazing thing and I am so glad I was home for it.  I was supposed to work today, but my boss asked if we could work tomorrow.  They always say things happen for a reason right?  I'm so excited to watch them grow up, but I'll be sad to see them go.  I think we might already have a taker!

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Daisygirl said...

ahhhhhh! Wow yes everything does happen for a reason! You are gonna have your hands full for awhile!