Real Houswives New York

Okay, so does anyone watch Real Housewives New York?  And did anyone watch last nights episode????   I am like over the top pissed at Kelly. She is soooooo out of control, crazy, psychotic.  She is completely deranged, and it drives me nuts.  First off, what did Bethenny do?  I LOVE her!  Jill has gone crazy this season, and made friends with LuAnn who is also a little nuts. Apparently there is this whole new crazy side of Jill that I never saw before.  I hate that she and Bethenny aren't friends anymore, but seeing her this season... I think it's all for the better. 

But back to the whole Kelly thing... WHAT was she TALKING ABOUT?????  Thinking Bethenney had tried to kill her? LOL she is  just bonkers.  She is a bully, a hypocrite and I've never had such a response from watching someone on tv.  It's her whole crazy making techniques and talking over people that leads me to believe if I was ever left alone with her I would wish I was in a mental institution instead.  Why did she even go on that trip?  She stated that it wasn't her style to talk badly about people, but then that's all she did the WHOLE time she was there.  Hence my statement about being a hypocrite.  And calling Bethenny creepy for going on the trip right after her dad died?  WHAT?  She kept claiming to be normal, but even her new found best friends, Jill and LuAnn couldn't make any sense of her.  Thoughts?  Feelings?


WhitneyB99 said...

Yea babe, she has problems I agree with you! It was really wierd watching her talk about things that didn't make any sense!

Jarrie said...