Fab Friday Newz- long overdue!!!

I've been flaking on FFN recently, I know!  I am sorry.

Right now I am actually sick, but I thought I would just take a minute and say hey and thanks to one of my Fave Bloggers for giving me an award!
I've seen this one around a lot, and am happy to now have it displayed on my blog.  This award, like most, comes with some rules.  They are... tell 10 honest things about yourself!

1.  There are a million things I still wanna be "when I grow up"  Including a professional singer, a psychologist, a cosmetologist, a graphic designer, a culinary artist, and most importantly a mother!

2.  I miss my father daily, and I wish that I had been able to spend more time with him.

3.  My family mean the WORLD to me.  They are my everything!  I really hate that I don't live closer to them.

4.  Laughter makes my world go round.  I laugh Daily, if not every hour.  It cures my soul!

5.  I love music, it soothes me and speaks to me in ways that nothing else can. 

6. I totally dig Chinese food!  yumm, I could probably eat it every day! 

7.  I love to invent recipes, and scarcely do I exactly FOLLOW a recipe.  I generally always tweak, add, subtract, substitute or Neuffenize a recipe.

8.  I don't believe in myself as much as I should

9.  It's a dream of mine to one day sing on a Disney animated soundtrack.  Well really any soundtrack... but since I was a little girl it's always been disney!

10.  I love going to the movies!

Now it's my turn to pass on this award to others. 

What's your Fab Friday Newz?


ShellSpann said...

Well thanks!!!! :)

Daisygirl said...

I agree with laughter, laughing everyday if not every hour is a must!!!
I have never known anyone who actually had a dream to sing on a Disney soundtrack!!!

Thanks so much for the award, I haven't received that one yet!!!

Ill come back and play Fab Friday news today I need to let me other post be on top for a bit!

Thanks again Chica! Hope you have a fab weekend.


Doodles said...

Oh sweetie I hope that your on the mend. Your Fab. Friday keeps me going most weeks. I know sometimes life gets in the way of blogging as the mother of 2/4 depending on the time of year. I get it. Just know your in our thoughts.