Fab Friday Newz

It's never too late for you newbiez, just scribble up a post about all the great things that happened over the week.  Big or small, whatever made you smile.  Be sure to sign Mr. Linky so that others can come and read your post, and to link back to The Neuff so that your readers will know you were participating!

Okay so my first bit of good newz is that I decided to take a stab at doing one of those vector images for Bloggy Blog Designz.  You know the super cute ones that everyone has plastered all over their blogs these days?  AKA avatars, cartoon images, etc. Well... it took multiple hours.  Afterall, I just recently got photoshop less than a month ago and have never taken an art class in my life.  BUT I am super pleased with it!  I just keep staring at it like, "I did that? Yeah, I DID that!"  So needless to say ...

Bit of good Newz Numero 2, Bloggy Blog Designz has received a makeover!  I also decided to take a stab at creating a twitter background, and figured that out as well!  Sooooooo, this means that... BBD can also offer Twitter backgrounds now!  I am soo excited about that!  Inevitably we created a twitter page for BBD, please follow us if you like.
Third bit of good Newz, working extra hours this week!  Extra money!  That is always good.  Oh and we got our heater fixed, which means no more space heater for us!!! Oh, and how could I forget this?  Our silly pup Missy actually learned something apparently!  She loves to chew on toilet paper or kleenex or napkins.  Things like that.  Well I caught her doing that and said, "Missy," in that ever so authoritative tone.  You know what she did?  She went and punished herself without me having to!  She went and sat in her little punishment area. Granted she moped about it, but she did it all on her own.  Triumph at last!
So if you would like to participate I would love to hear what tiny joys make your world go round.  And if you would like to do me a favor, I would love for you to check out the makeover at BBD, take a look around, and then take our exit survey.  It's at the bottom of the site.  I know it's asking a LOT, but only if you really really really wanna =D And if you had mentioned that you wanted something done in previously, just shoot me and email with your full vision or you can take the questionnaire located in the right sidebar.
What's Your Fab Friday Newz?

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Stephanie Faris said...

This is how new I am to Twitter...I had no idea you could even have a background on there!