It's Fab Friday Newz Time

Welcome Back to Fab Friday Newz! Hopefully we have some Newbiez. I will explain the jist of it just in case, (that wasn't supposed to be a tongue twister) This is your chance to share your happiness for the week, from major to minor. Scribble up a post, link back to Mr. Linky, Please mention Fab Friday Newz in your posts so that others know you are participating. Then come and enjoy all the wonderful newz everyone has to share. I love spreading a little cheer!

As for my Fab Friday Newz
As you can imagine, I am totally stoked cuz I am having my first giveaway. No I am not at my 100th post, no where near my 1ooth follower, or anything of the sort. I just felt like I wanted to have a giveaway! As mentioned, participating in Fab Friday Newz, grants you 2 entries to the giveaway! Love it! To enter click here

Also, my beau came to work with me today, which is always fun! Oh how I love him! As usual the boss felt the need to attempt to entertain us with his vision of thrilling tales of his past and present life situations. Of course there should ne'er be a moment of silence, ergo he repeated the same words and phrases over and over. This sent Whit and I into a tizzy of silent and unwanted but ever needed laughter. It was great!

So let's hear it, what tiny joys made your world go round?

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Nicole said...

Hey! Just stopping by to let you know I passed on an award for you and your lovely blog! =D