Frustrationns in Technology

Manic Monday
So basically I just posted this tutorial yesterday right? Yeah, I know which means that I should know something about the whole techno world, right? Yeah, well the truth is this is all very new to me. The truth is I am totally new to this big ole blogosphere. I love it, all of it. I soak it in. I spend most of my time wrapped up with my lappy, perfectly content to scribe a post or a comment, to read a blog... but my new found love is the world of HTML. I have taken to it, and it has taken to me. I toy with it all the time, hence the reason my blog background has changed so frequently recently, also the reason my mans blog has done the same. I tinker. My name is Neuffj, and I tinker! It is kinda exciting to see what all you can do if you just mess with the code and see what all does what. I like it, I guess. I learn something, and see how I can apply it to what I already know, then yes... I tinker.
The only problem is when you are a slight perfectionist, like I am, and you try something and are unsuccessful with your results. Especially for over 24 hours. This can be a little... shall we say, exasperating. Yes, I have spent over 24 hours trying to accomplish this one specific task, and it is NOT working. I haven't been at it for 24 hours straight, but really I could just pull my hair out. Grrr! Just Grrr... This, is my Manic Monday For more Manic Monday posts, be sure to head to Whitney's Blog


Reviewer11 said...

Reminds me of that song "Manic MOnday" by the Bangles. :)

Yeah, blogging is so much fun. I'm glad you are having fun. I too started I think this year. ? lol! HTML is hard. If you can do it, boy, you are one smart cookie. :)

from SITS :D Have a great day


here's my word of wisdom - ummm. okay. here goes - i love that you told me to KEEP IT CRAPPY so that automatically means i follow you. i hope i can count on you to do the right thing. otherwise my parents are going to be furious.

new blog advice - remove the word verification - it deters comments!

Stephanie Faris said...

I used to work with programmers...not HTML but the big programming, Visual Basic, C++, that sort of thing. They would get SO frustrated, even screaming at the computer at times. Sometimes they'd even have to get up and walk away for a while. Often it's just one missing semi-colon that's making something not work, but you're getting a taste of the life of a programmer. I once thought it might be fun to learn real programming, since I know HTML, but now I know better!

Eclipsed said...

You are a techno whiz in my eyes. I got that award in no problem!